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Daily Prompt: Passionate (I AM WRITING)



Creators, writers, lovers, all have one thing in common with each other and thats passion. I am passionate about so many things, books, meditation, yoga, the desire to dance in the rain, the passion to surround myself with people that are willing share their life stories with me. I desire passion in all aspects of my life now. If you asked me a few years ago, if I had a decent life I would have told you yes,I have an ordinary life. Now, after doing landmark, after surrounding myself with like minded people and discovering more and more about myself, I can truly say I live an extraordinary life.

I’m alive, I’m passionate to live this life to the fullest. I want to strive to have conversations that are so raw, that for a single moment it makes us uncomfortable but its not uncomfortable out of fear but out of excitement that someone is seeing me, really seeing ME.

I want a passionate EPIC love, because I deserve that. I want that love to be raw, open and full of possibilities of growth and a place of safety. I want passion to last not only in the  first three months of a relationship but, for a lifetime. Constantly, learning, changing, and growing, while feeling the warmth and safety to explore the universe with another person.

But, ultimately I want to approach every area of my life with passion, whether it is love, education, career, or friendships. I want to be a freaking fire burning in my life without the flame going out. Nothing, in this life is guaranteed but I have the power, the passion and the ability to create the life I want to live.


Marina in Wonderland

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