2023- A healthy me

My Perfect Gym

I find myself sitting in 2019 wanting to be extremely active. The struggle with that is that there are so many different types of workouts that I enjoy doing and there seems to not be a single place that offers them all. If I were to open up my own gym, it would contain the following workouts: in person Beachbody classes such as Insanity, T-25, Cise- Anything Shaun T, and Country Heat. The gym would also contain dance classes, without the levels. I found one thing that is super discouraging when you want to take ballet, tap, jazz class is that there are age breaks and levels, which make it extremely difficult if you are a beginner dancer and an adult. Furthermore, I would have a cycling class- dimmed lights, no lights, a disco ball, techno music, multicolor lights moving around with the music still keeping it a nice yet dark relaxing atmosphere where you can lose yourself in. That- that feeling of losing yourself in your workout is my favorite feeling in the entire world. Its almost as if the world fades away. For a moment in time there is nothing you can do wrong, if you mess up, no one will see you anyway. And I can’t forget the heated yoga, one of my all-time favorites. And I almost forgot boxing. One gym – having it all. I am not a fan of the machines but, I would probably have a few of them with weights for people who are not class people. My perfect gym would be a community, a place where there are no wrongs, there are no failures and only growth. I don’t know if there is a place like the one I envision because I have yet to find it.