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City of Ashes By Cassandra Clare


city of ashes

 Book: City of Ashes 
 By: Cassandra Clare
 Pages: 453
 Synopsis: All Clary, wants is for her life to go back to normal, before  the demons, before the vampires, werewolves and fairies. But, when her  father Valentine, steals the mortal instruments and downworlders are being  drained of blood, Clary is determined to figure out what her father is up too  and stop her brother Jace from betraying the shadowhunters to him. She is  just one girl with hefty problems.
 Review: I gave this book a 3/5 stars. I enjoyed the action that filled the  ending apart of the book. But, the first one-third of the book was  very confusing. Firstly, they kept going back and forth if Jace and Clary are  brother and sister, and once they “established” that they were siblings they  had to add that they have feelings for each other. That part gets confusing  for both the characters and the reader.

 The characters in the story I feel have grown a lot. Clary isn’t as annoying as she was in the first book. I feel that she actually starting to connect with her feelings, where as in the first book she just expressed them but, I didn’t feel that she felt what she was saying. 

As always I loved Simon, I thought that he was a great vampire and I loved the connection that he and Clary have. He is the best friend every girl wishes to have. I think that I prefer Simon rather than Jace because he isn’t as cocky and he knows he has his own flaws.

Jace ones again was the pretty boy and at times I just wanted to whack him on the head because he always acts as if he is invincible and better than everyone else. It made him seem a little cocky.

My favorite character was Luke, I think that he was a very strong parental guide. I felt that he really cared for Clary and he allowed his emotions play out according to the situation. He didn’t hold anything back. 

Overall: I loved the characters, I wasn’t a huge fan of the plot and that it took a long time to get to the juicy parts of book. Therefore, I only gave it a 3/5 stars.


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