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Booktube-a-thon Wrap -up 2017

Hello Bibiliomanics,

Here is my wrap up for 2017 Booktube-a-thon!!!

Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll & Illustrated by Camille Rae GarciaAlice in Wonderland

This book was such as weird read. I’ll be honest half the time I had no idea what was going on. The ending was a bit disappointing. However, the art style of this book was very beautiful and I am so glad I read this novelization rather then the with the traditional art work. I really want to get to “Through the Looking Glass”. I would like to see if there will be more answers about the whimsical world of wonderland. I do have to say in regards to book to movie adaptation, the new Tim Burton adaptation was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot more than the book.

Suicide Letters from beautiful Girls

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls By Lynn Weingarten

This book was suspense full. Everything that I predicted to happen did not happen. It had me at the edge of my seat for the majority of the time. I thought that the climax of the story was very well done however the resolution was very rushed. I also thought that the conclusion could have tied more ends together instead of leaving it to reader interpretation.

NewmooncoverNew Moon ( Currently Still Reading)  by Stephanie Meyer

As I am still reading this, I just have to sayI am enjoying it a lot. I loved the Twilight  Saga when it first came out and I still enjoy it years later as I am rereading it. I remember I didn’t enjoy “New Moon”, very much the first time I read it because there is less vampire action in it. This time around I am very much enjoying getting to know Jacob’s character which I feel I didn’t give a chance the first time I read this series.

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Booktube-A-Thon Day 2: Reflections

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

7/25/17 3:18 pm: I came home from work and changed straight in my pjs, grabbed a bag of sun chips and finally finished my first read of booktube-a-thon. I

Suicide Letters from beautiful Girls

finished “Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls”. It was very fast paced, yet the book left a lot of lose ends. I think that it also took more of a mocking tone to suicide rather than rising awareness. I think that the title of this book was a little misleading. Check out my full review @ SUICIDE NOTES FROM BEAUTIFUL GIRLS

I am contemplating if I want to continue reading “Ariel” by Sylvia Plath or if I want to start reading “Alice in Wonderland”. I think I’m going to start of with “Alice in Wonderland”.

Later 6:19 pm: I read only like 12 pages of “Alice in Wonderland”


before I took a 2 hour nap. Time to work out, any readers do beach body? Today we are killing it with T-25. Shaun T is the MAN!!!

EVEN Later 9:36 pm: If for some very strange reason you thought that after that work-out I had a healthy dinner. Umm, guess again. Unless we consider Costco Cheese Pizza to be protein filled, with a serving of vegetables from the tomato sauce. But, I was craving pizza really bad. I wish I could say that in the last 3 hours I made more progress in “Alice in Wonderland”. The answer would be nope, no, nada, net etc. ( That’s as far as my no vocabulary goes in foreign languages.)


But, really I’m going to read now. I am finishing this blog post on the start of day 3. I ended up going to bed around 11 pm last night.

Alice in Wonderland



I got to page 69 in “Alice in Wonderland”.  The beginning of the book was very confusing and I had no idea what was going on. The movies do a way better job of explaining how Alice gets through to Wonderland.



Books Finished: 1

Total Page Count for day 2: 127

Total Page Count for Booktube-a-Thon: 315

Classics: 0

Graphic Novels: 0

Poetry Collection: 0

I’m signing off for now, stay tuned for day 3 updates.

With warm cups of tea and just a few more Chapters,


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Booktube-a-thon Day 1: Reflections

[TRIGGER WARNING: Contains discussion about suicide and depression]

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

This is literally my favorite time of the year besides my birthday, and winter. But,  booktube-a-thon time is upon us once more.

For today’s adventures, I like to say it was not too shabby of a day considering that I was busy working and attended a little fam dinner with my cousin and few friends.

I am cuSuicide Letters from beautiful Girlsrrently still 54 pages away from finishing “Suicide Letters From Beautiful Girls”. This is definitely not what I expected at all. I honestly judged this book by the title and was expecting to have a collection of suicide letters. Call me morbid, but I think that would be a cool collection to read. Instead what I got is a real page turner of mystery. This book has had me captivated, and its been difficult to put it down. The characters are all very interesting and the plot definitely had a few surprises for me. I posted on my instagram story that I didn’t take the book with me to work because I liked the suspense so much that I was trying to savior it. So, I plan on finishing it tonight. (I’ll post an update tomorrow letting you know if that actually happened.)


The other book that I talked about on my instagram story was Ariel, which is a collection of poems by Sylvia Plath. Its no secret that I have enjoyed Sylvia Plath’s writing in the past. The “Bell Jar”, till this day is one go my favorite books. This collection of poems is a manuscript that her husband published after her death. The newer edition of the manuscript has an introduction written by her daughter, explaining her mother’s struggle with depression which later led to her committing suicide. I only read a few poems and it made me wish that Sylvia Plath added commentary to her poetry as to why she wrote a particular poem. However, most of them are very dark and you can see the internal battle that she was having with her depression through the words that she wrote on paper. However, although her words are dark there is a type of beauty that is only seen through pain. I personally really connect with her writing and I curious to further explore the depths of such a complicated, dark and unique person that she was.


Current Total Page count: 188

Current Total Books Finishing During Booktube-a-thon: 0

Graphic novels: 0

Novels: 0

Poetry Collections: 0

Classics: 0