I am Writing

UNTITLED- I am Writing


I sit to pour the contents of my soul into oblivion

That maybe, if I get these words on paper my mind and heart wont

feel so heavy

The world just seems dark, like a shadow has fallen upon it

And as the sun tries to peak its rays, the shadow devours them

Making everything engulfed in darkness


They say it won’t hurt to smile once in a while

So you plaster this big gigantic smile to appease them

Let there mind go to rest

They say you should spend more time outside

So, you do. The moment your observed, you go for a walk.

Only to find the most isolated corner of the street to sit on the concrete

If you tell yourself you are okay, more times then one

Maybe you will start to believe it

When your breath catches in your lungs, and darkness overcomes your eyes

Your gonna be okay, thats what you said anyway

They tell you to go find some friends to hang out with

I worry for you when you’re alone

So, you plaster that smile again and tell them “sure thing”

Knowing perfectly well, that your heart goes pitter, platter, pitter, pitter, platter

At the mere thought of saying hello

And your hands get all clammy and your mouth goes all dry

So, just for today, just for tonight

I guess I’ll just stay inside

There’s always tomorrow right?






Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday:Unslut: Diary and Memoir

waiting on wednesday book and clock

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by “Breaking the Spine“, it high lights all the books that are on a book bloggers wish list. And believe me when I say, being a book lover my book wish list is 10 feet tall (at the minimum). Plus, the perfect present for any book lover is a book, we do value them as an important fundamental resource, almost on the same level as drinking water or you know possibly even breathing or taking a shower. Overall point is, books are absolutely extremely important to me. So, without further or due here is what is on my bookish wish list.

Unslut imageTitle: Unslut: Diary and A Memoir

Author: Emily Lindin



Publishing Date: 12/ 29/2015

When Emily Lindin was eleven years old, she was branded a “slut” by the rest of her classmates. For the next few years of her life, she was bullied incessantly at school, after school, and online. At the time, Emily didn’t feel comfortable confiding in her parents or in the other adults her my life. But she did keep a diary. Slut/UnSlut is adapted from Emily’s much-acclaimed blog “The UnSlut Project” presenting unaltered excerpts from that diary alongside split-page commentary to provide context and perspective. (Barnes and Noble)

Are you excited to read any books that you don’t own yet? Any new releases that you can not wait to get your hands on? Leave a comment down below with your bookish wish list, because we all know we are curious about what others want to read.

Warm cups of tea, and too just a few more chapters,