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Teaser Tuesday: Midnight Heir

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Lady Midnight ” A boy with blazing blue green eyes and the blond girl he had seen at the shadow market the week before. They were both staring – not at him, but at the boy gripping his shirt. ” ( Chapter 16, “Lady Midnight” by Cassandra Clare)

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Book Review

Obsidian By Jennifer L Armentrout |Review

ObsidianLux Series: Obsidian

Pages: 335

Publisher: Entangled Teen Publishing


Starting over sucks.

When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I’d pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring… until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.

And then he opened his mouth.

Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something… unexpected happens.

The hot alien living next door marks me.

You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon’s touch has me lit up like the Vegas Strip. The only way I’m getting out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades.

If I don’t kill him first, that is. (Goodreads)


This is a Rosswell meets Twilight, kind of story. I’ll start by saying I have never read a book that had aliens involved. And I have to say that I really enjoyed the concept of reading a novelization about aliens. There a few things that I really enjoyed about the book.


There were a few things I liked about this book:

-I loved that there was no instalove. The two main characters that this story revolved around never had a moment when they just met and suddenly they were dating. I really liked this because they were able to really get to know one another. Although, there was a lot of lusting for one another through out the book which came out in a bantering sort of conversation between the characters I really liked that the book took its time to progress their relationship.

– Since, the element of instalove was eliminated from the story the characters and side characters relationships were a huge concentration in the this book. I really liked how it balanced affection and dislike for another person. I liked that it showed the side that you may not like everyone that you first meet but, once you get to know them they can surprise and a strong relationship could be built. I really liked this because I have not seen it very often in young adult literature.


I had a couple of things that I just felt incomplete about at the end of the novel. I do have to keep in mind that this is the first book in a four book series, but even knowing that I felt that the first book should have concentrated strongly on world building.

-Since there was an interaction between characters that came from different planet’s, I felt that the Luxen planet needed to be explained more for the reader to understand and be able to visualize the villains, Arum in the book that are associated with Luxen.

-The villains, in this novel were very poorly explained and I couldn’t fully visualize them. Also, I would have liked a little more information on them, well at the same time having a sort of mystery established around them. I think that they were well introduced but, I needed more in order to form a visual in my mind.

-Lastly, I really struggled to like Katy’s mom. She wasn’t a huge issue that I had with her, but I wish that she was a little more authoritative then passive. I understood that she was excited that her daughter would have friends after their move to West Virgina, but at the same time her mom was way too trusting. She also really encouraged a relationship between Daemon and Katy which I felt was a little unrealistic.


Overall, I gave this book a starsstars.75/ starsstarsstarsstarsstars. If you are looking for a meaningless read but you want some romance and drama this would be a good book to read. However, if you are wanting something to grasp your attention with syfy this isn’t exactly what you are looking for. It was a fun read, but it was a long shot from amazing. However, I will be continue on with the series.

Warm cups of tea, and just a few more chapters,


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BookTube-A-Thon TBR

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

The Booktube-a-thon is upon us once again. I can’t be more excited. This is a week long read-a-thon, filled with challenges and most of all reading. And although, I don’t have a lot of time this week to read, I will try to read as many of this books that I can.

The TBR list and Challenges:

A book with yellow on the cover: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

A Book to read after  sunset: The new 52: Harley Quinn – Hot in the City by Amanda Conner

A Book you found through Booktube: Simon and the Homo sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertali & The Wasp Factory by Ian Banks

A Book by your favorite  Author: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

A Book Older than you: Franny and Zoey by J.D. Salinger

A Book to movie Adaptation: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Book Review

Winter By Marissa Meyer

3f1630b8451496cc7ec6f198beb000e2Title: Winter

Author: Marissa Meyer

Pages: 824

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Synopsis: Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mar her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend—the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters? (Goodreads)


I don’t think that this book was my favorite book in the series. But, I really enjoyed it nonetheless. This book heavily follows Levena’s step-daughter, Winter. Winter refuses to use her lunar gift to influence the people around her. Due to this she has strange visions and is going a little insane.

Meanwhile, Cinder and her friends have kidnapped Prince Kai. Levena, begins a war on War, as revenge for the Kidnapping of her beloved prince.

This story is heavily based on “Snow White and the 7 Dawrfs”. Winter in this books is Snow White, while Levena is the wicked witch. Winter although burdened by her visions really cares about the people of Artemsia. All the citizens really look up to her which has made Levena jealous  of Winter. As events unfound Levena tries to get revenge on Winter and her new found friends, (Cinder, Scarlett, Cress, Captain Throne, Wolf and Prince Kai)

I gave this book a starsstarsstars/5 stars. I thought that the plot line of the character Winter was extremely interesting and I enjoyed how she was give certain visions, that she struggled to control.  However, I thought that the story should have been strictly based on Winter and not combining the conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles all in one book. I personally, felt there was just  too much going on and there were times in the book that I would lose complete interest in the story because there was just so much going on. I felt that each character would be up to there own storyline within this book. It took a while for all the characters to meet in the middle together.

I personally felt that this book was overhyped and I did prefer the less rushed style of the other books to this one. I think that the concept was good and the story as a whole was really entertaining but I felt like using this book as a conclusion just really rushed the series.

I would recommend this series and this book to those who like stories about royal families and fantasy put together. This was a very unique series and I think everyone should give it a go. There are books in this series that I connected more with than others but as a whole this series didn’t disappoint.



Book Review

Slammed By Colleen Hoover

Title: Slammedslammed

Author: Colleen Hoover

Pages: 317

Synopsis: Following the
unexpected death of her father, 18-year-old Layken is forced to be the rock for both her mother and younger brother. Outwardly, she appears resilient and tenacious, but inwardly, she’s losing hope.

Enter Will Cooper: The attractive, 21-year-old new neighbor with an intriguing passion for slam poetry and a unique sense of humor. Within days of their introduction, Will and Layken form an intense emotional connection, leaving Layken with a renewed sense of hope.

Not long after an intense, heart-stopping first date, they are slammed to the core when a shocking revelation forces their new relationship to a sudden halt. Daily interactions become impossibly painful as they struggle to find a balance between the feelings that pull them together, and the secret that keeps them apart. (Goodreads)


Plot: 18 year old Lake, just loses her dad when her mom decides that she wants to suddenly  move. Angry, and frustrated with the move Lake finds peace in befriending the neighbor across the street, Will. As a fresh new romance unveils, circumstances are determined to keep them apart.

Characters: All the character were very well written. I enjoyed reading about Lake, as a strong female protagonist who has been helping her mom take care of her brother after her dad’s passing. Will, was definitely boyfriend material. He was only 21 years old in this novel and he had a world of responsibilities.  I enjoyed seeing his self-expression through slam poetry. He was very passionate and it made me curious on how to write slam peoms.


Pro: I fell in love with this book from the first line. The voice of the book was so captivating that I literally could not stop reading. The voice and the plot of the story made this book fast paced. And when I say fast paced, it only took me a day in a half to read. That’s record speed. I really enjoyed how fluently the plot flowed. The events all seemed to be in the right place, and nothing seemed forced in this novel.

Con: I did however, have one small con with this book. This was the first Collen However book that I felt had an instant love. I always, expect my love stories from Colleen to be a  little dragged out. This wasn’t a huge issue for me, it just caught me by surprise.

Rating: I gave this book astarsstarsstarsstars stars/5 stars . I literally couldn’t put this book down. When I did stop reading for the very, very short time that I did, my thoughts were on the story. Have you ever had that feeling where you were part of the story while you were reading it? That was the feeling I had even when I was not reading the book, I felt that I was still living in Will’s and Lake’s world. At times I felt like something was missing, while I was going about my regular day, and then when I started reading the book again I realized I was unconsciously looking for the voice the the book was written in. It had an element of surprise and this book turned out to be nothing like I expected it to be. I enjoyed the aspect of slam poetry and how it encouraged,  a healthy way of dealing with your emotions. Thanks Colleen Hoover, for  getting me out of a book slump. I very highly recommend everyone to check this book out, although I think females will find it more appealing then the male population.

Monthly TBR · Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List 2016

Summer, is quickly coming upon on us. So, its time to construct that summer reading list. My list is a tiny bit ambitious. The physical books are the books, I will most definitely try to get to first. And To break up any slumps, an e-book list was constructed.  Majority of the books on here are YA, that I just need to catch up on. Stay tuned to find out which books I will be reading for READ-A-RAMA, which is happening on June 13- 19. Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.33.51 AM

What are your summer reading plans? Leave a comment down below, about any books that you are excited to read.

With Warm Cups of Tea, and a Just Few More Chapters!


Book Review

Lunar Chronicles: Cress By Marissa Meyer

Title: Cress img_0317

Author:Marissa Meyer

Pages: 550

Publisher:Feiwel & Friends

Synopsis:Even in the future. there are damsels in distress…

In the third installment of the Lunar chronicles, Cress, having risked everything to warn Cinder of Queen Levana’s evil plan, has a slight problem. She’s been imprisoned on a satellite since childhood and has only ever had her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress a great hacker. Unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

When a daring rescue of Cress involving Cinder, Captain Thorne, Scarlet, and Wolf goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes as a high price. Meanwhile, Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only hope the world has.

Review:  starsstarsstars/5

The Lunar Chronicles, are fairytale retellings with a science fiction spin to them. I enjoyed this book, but I honestly felt that it was a little slow. For a majority of the book the characters are flying around in space after rescuing a hacker named cress. I understood why the author did this but, it didn’t activate my attention much. However, although the first 3/4 of the book were really slow in my opinion. I thought the way the book ending was epic. Not only were we introduced to a character that will be an important part to the next book but there was an unveiling to how the war between Luna and Commonwealth really started.

I loved the characters once again. I still think that Wolf and Scarlet are my favorite couple in this series. But, this book introduced Cress and Thorne which also made a badass team. One thing that bothered me in this series is that the female characters are portrayed to be very strong and most of the time they are even taking care of their male love interests. But, it made me wonder in the last half of the book are the male characters really necessary to the story or would it have still been an excellent series with out all the love interests. I noticed myself getting really confused in certain parts of the book, because each female character had a their own story that somehow connected with the other female characters. But, there was also the same number of male characters per female character and in this book not all the female characters were in the same situation as there male counterpart which made the book to be a little confusing and I had to go back several times to reference who was who’s love interest.

The antagonist, Levana is such a frightening character. Every time that she made an appearance around Prince Kai I would be on the edge of my seat hoping that Kai would stand up to here. On numerous occasions he did and I did a little cheer for him in my head. I recognized that the decisions he was making were for the good of the country but sometimes I wish he would have told Levana off.

I have to say that the world building was fantastic, not only does it encompass the planet of Luna, Commonwealth, but all the countries that surround the Commonwealth as well. I enjoyed seeing the characters travel through space to Africa. It was interesting to watch Cinder, struggle with decisions that can risk the wellbeing of not only her friends but the planet of Luna and the country of Commonwealth. There are a lot of things that Cinder has come to terms with, and make some big choices as to how to save her and her friends. On numerous occasions she battles with herself and wonders if it would be better to just rescue herself and let her friends figure things out on their own while she is safe and sound. She battles with the choice to start a rebellion and be responsible for a revolution on Luna.

I am impatiently looking forward to read “Winter,” to find out what our characters are going to face next, thanks to the sneak peak in the end. I highly recommend to check this series out if you like science fiction and fairy tales.



Book Review

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

6131164Title: Clockwork Princess

Author: Cassandra Clare


Publisher:Simon and Schuster

Synopsis: Danger and betrayal, secrets and enchantment in the breathtaking conclusion to the Infernal Devices trilogy. 

Tessa Gray should be happy – aren’t all brides happy?
Yet as she prepares for her wedding, a net of shadows begins to tighten around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute.
A new demon appears, one linked by blood and secrecy to Mortmain, the man who plans to use his army of pitiless automatons, the Infernal Devices, to destroy the Shadowhunters. Mortmain needs only one last item to complete his plan. He needs Tessa. And Jem and Will, the boys who lay equal claim to Tessa’s heart, will do anything to save her. (Goodreads)

Review:  starsstarsstarsstars/5  

If you have read my January wrap- up you may have gotten a glimpse at how I feel about this book. I simply loved it. It was so good. I loved listening to it, on audible. The characters came to life. This book gave all the feels. I loved the relationship that was between Jem and Tessa, it was beautiful. I really valued Jem’s maturity through out the book, and his acceptance of his fate. The battle between Mortmain and the shadow hunters was EPIC. It was action packed and suspenseful. I really enjoyed how the events lead to the end of the book, I  felt it tied the “Immortal Instruments,” series in together really well. I recently started listening to “City of Heavenly Fire”, and the transition was so smooth.  There are characters that come from relationships that occurred in “Clockwork Princess”. I think that reading this book before “City of Heavenly Fire”, really clears things up. It was so good, the beginning was very slow, but it was so beautifully written. Once I got about 1/4 of the way in I couldn’t stop listening to it. This book was breath taking, the emotions of the characters could truly be felt by the reader. I honestly, didn’t mind that this book was filled with more romance then action. I think that it made the book extremely enjoyable and edge of your seat exciting. I loved the romance between Jem and Tessa. The love triangle between, Will, Tessa and Jem was a little stretched out for me.  But, I was team Jem from day one. I really wanted Tessa to just chose one of the boys. It frustrated me, that she kept analyzing her feelings for both of them, and then settling on the fact that she loved them the same. I adored the relationship between Charlotte and Henry. It was beautiful and pure. They both cared so much for each other and were willing to do anything ignored to save the institute. Charlotte supported Henry through every, and that was very symbolic and powerful to me. Even at his worst, Charlotte was able to love him as if he was at his best. There was only on major fight scene between the shadow hunters and Mortmain, but it was truly written so the reader could visualize what was happening. Yes, I recommend you to check out this series. It was fantastic.


Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday:


waiting on wednesday book and clock

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by: Breaking the Spine

The love that saved the worldTitle: The Love that Split the World

Author: Emily Henery

Publisher: Razorbill

Publication date: January 26,2016

Natalie Cleary must risk her future and leap blindly into a vast unknown for the chance to build a new world with the boy she loves.
Natalie’s last summer in her small Kentucky hometown is off to a magical start… until she starts seeing the “wrong things.” They’re just momentary glimpses at first—her front door is red instead of its usual green, there’s a pre-school where the garden store should be. But then her whole town disappears for hours, fading away into rolling hills and grazing buffalo, and Nat knows something isn’t right.
That’s when she gets a visit from the kind but mysterious apparition she calls “Grandmother,” who tells her: “You have three months to save him.” The next night, under the stadium lights of the high school football field, she meets a beautiful boy named Beau, and it’s as if time just stops and nothing exists. Nothing, except Natalie and Beau.
Emily Henry’s stunning debut novel is Friday Night Lights meets The Time Traveler’s Wife, and perfectly captures those bittersweet months after high school, when we dream not only of the future, but of all the roads and paths we’ve left untaken. (Goodread)

What books are on your wishlist? Are there any books that you are dying to read? Leave a comment or link to your “Waiting on Wednesday” post. I would love to check it out.

Warm cups of tea, and too just a few more chapters.



Book Review

Scarlet By Marissa Meyer

Title: Sca13206760rlett

Author: Marissa Meyer

Pages: 331

Version: E-book

Publisher: Feiwel And Friends

Synopsis:Cinder, the cyborg mechanic, returns in the second thrilling installment of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to break out of prison—even though if she succeeds, she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive.
Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn’t know about her grandmother or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother’s whereabouts, she is loath to trust this stranger, but is inexplicably drawn to him, and he to her. As Scarlet and Wolf unravel one mystery, they encounter another when they meet Cinder. Now, all of them must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana, who will do anything for the handsome Prince Kai to become her husband, her king, her prisoner. (Goodreads)


May Contain Spoilers from Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles.

Oh boy, there is just so much to say about this book. This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, it take place in Rieux, France. Our main character in this book is Scarlet, who is on a mission to find out who kidnapped her grandme’re. In the process she meets a street fighter named “Wolf”, who offers to help her. As Scarlet, pieces together what happened and why someone would want to take her grandmother, an unlikely relationship forms between Scarlet and Wolf. In the meantime, Cinder breaks out of prison and becomes a fugitive on the run in this exciting installment of the Lunar Chronicles.


I gave it starsstarsstarsstars/5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. I felt that the relationship between Wolf and Scarlett was down to earth. Wolf, was a very strong male character and he made the book very enjoyable. There was a lot of chemistry between Wolf and Scarlett. This chemistry really made the book more enjoyable because both characters were faced with difficult decisions that could have been devastating to their relationship. This book dealt a lot with loving someone that your family or people that you are close to wouldn’t approve off. I also enjoyed that it dealt with a major mystery factor, which was thrown at you from the very beginning. I couldn’t put this book down because I wanted to know what happened to Scarlett’s grandmother and why she was such an important element in the story.

This book contained of back and forth emotion. In the pervious, book we were introduced to Cinder and her relationship with the royal prince Kai. In this book Kai, is faced with a lot of challenges as he learns how to rule a kingdom and protect his people from a war that the Lunar queen threatens on the Commonwealth.

I wasn’t a huge fan of how the point of views changed between Cinder and Scarlett. I felt that I couldn’t really get into this story fully because I was so invested in Cinder’s story from the pervious book. That would be my only compliant, I would have preferred to have less information on Cinder through out the book and have an epilogue that talked about what Cinder was up too, in the time that this book was taking place. I just felt that I would get so invested in the voice of Cinder and then be pulled out and have to get reacquainted with the voice of Scarlett.

If you enjoy a supernatural mystery I recommend you check this book out. I will be finishing the rest of the series. I have already started Cress, which I will talk about in my weekly TBR post tomorrow.

Warm cups of tea and too just a few more chapters,