Blogmas:Barnes & Noble Membership (Is it worth it?)| DEC.2017

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

Happy Day 2 of “Blogmas”!!! I am officially done with school and work for the week. It was also my mom’s birthday, so we went for breakfast and spent some time together which is what the holidays are all about.

So, today’s topic is my opinion on the “Barnes & Noble” membership. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions belong to me. I got the membership a few years ago after “Borders” had closed. I had a “Borders” membership and I loved all the benefits that it provided. My favorite being that it provided free shipping. When “Borders” closed I decided to get a “Barnes & Noble” membership and I think that it is worth every single penny.

A membership would be an excellent gift for any book lover that buys new releases or even books in genral. The great thing about this membership is that if you use it online you are able to save on shipping and the prices online are already discounted. This would be a good way to purchase new releases in a more affordable way.  It offers the member 40% off on hardcover bestsellers, and 10% off on everything else in the store. The really cool thing about this membership is that it also works with coupons.

I think that the membership is worth the money. And who can pass on double member days, and new releases for half- off. Also, I feel that by being a member, it helps the store because it entices you to purchase books during the times that the store has coupons out and in turn the sales helps the store to stay open. If you have a Barnes & Noble membership do you feel like it is worth it? If you don’t have a membership have you considered getting one?

With Warm Cups of Tea and Just a Few More Chapters,



3 thoughts on “Blogmas:Barnes & Noble Membership (Is it worth it?)| DEC.2017

  1. I love Barnes and Noble, it’s one of my favorite stores to go to but it the one membership I don’t own. I honestly think it’s because I have to pay for it. I don’t understand why we should. I can get plenty of bonus savers cards at over 20 stores that cost nothing more than a few minutes of my time to fill out information. As much as I see Barnes and Noble’s around, it also isn’t my first book store of choice. I tend to go more to the small business bookstores, like used book stores where I can find more than a handful of gems at the price of 1 book from Barnes and Noble. I enjoy B & N but I, personally, couldn’t justify paying for the membership. *shrugs*

    1. Yeah, I get it. I feel like it serves if you are ordering online. The way I justify it, is that if I order more than 5 times a year online not paying for shipping pays the membership itself. But, I can see if you’re only purchasing from the bookstore itself it can not serve much purpose.

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