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Hey Bibliomaniacs,

This a topic that I love to discuss with other book lovers, because we all have such different opinions, how do you feel about lending your books?

Personally, I am not a fan of lending my books to people. If I lend you a book than it means I trust you with my life. And before, I am called selfish for not being  fan of sharing my books, let me explain to you my reasons as to why I don’t like lending people my books.

  1. I have a hard time parting with my books. Lots of anxieties come up, for example will my book come back  with every other page dog eared. As someone who spends loads of money on physical copies of books, I like to keep them in great condition and I personally don’t dog ear my pages because it ruins the book, and essentially don’t want to get my book back ruined.
  2. Secondly, I have a true worry about NEVER getting my books back. I feel like this is a really reasonable worry considering I have had to re-buy certain books, especially if they are part of a series after someone borrowed one from me and I never got it back.
  3. I also worry about people eating  while having my books, I know that I am one of those people that eats while reading and when I get ketchup on my book, yes I become upset and feel the need to go out and buy a new copy. But, its not as upsetting when you as the owner gets food on a book rather then when someone who you lent it too gets food on your books.
  4. WATER DAMAGE: yes, thats a thing. Now, lets be real who hasn’t accidentally dropped a book in the bath. I know I have. But, when it comes to lending out a book and the renter gets water damage on it, that makes me all sorts of sad.

Now, if you are the renter you are saving money.

However, I am one of those renters that has a hard time parting with books, and therefore don’t use my public library as much or other peoples libraries to borrow books because frankly I don’t want to part with books. Which is the main reason that I purchase my books. It also causes me anxiety knowing that I need to read a book in a timely manner to give it back, and then I get the feeling of guilt if I am not able to read the book fast enough. Therefore, I don’t really rent books, or borrow them from friends I would rather purchase my own copy.

How do you feel about renting/borrowing books? Leave a comment down below and jump into the discussion.

One Love,




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