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The Lady in the Van – Movie Review

Synopsis: A man forms an unexpected bond with a transient woman living in her car that’s parked in his driveway. (Imdb)

Lady in the Van PosterDirector: Nicholas Hytner

Writer: Alan Bennet

Staring: Maggie Smith- Miss. Shepard

Alex Jennings- Alan Bennet

Run Time: 104 minutes

Review: This movie was phenomenal. I honestly can’t express how great it was. First of all, Maggie Smith was in it ( fans of Harry Potter, she plays Professor McGonagall). Do I even have to say more? Secondly, the entire story is filled with humor. There are so many funny parts in this movie, and the story is just really heart felt.

It follows a writer, who has this little old lady Miss. Shepard move in across the street in her little van. Through out the movie, you get to know this lady and learn about her life as a young woman and the demons that she faces on the daily basis. I loved this movie, it was so interesting. It kept my attention because it flashed from the present life of Miss.Shepard to the past life of a young Miss.Shepard. You got to see her life experiences and how she ended up living out of a van. Although, there was lighthearted humor in this film there was also a mystery that surround, Miss.Shepard. Who was she? And what happened to her? This movie takes place in a nice suburban neighborhood, where Miss. Shepard and her van decide to make there permanent stay. The members of the neighborhood, all have different views about this, but Alan Bennet through circumstances comes to befriend Miss. Shepard becoming a permanent member in her life.

I highly recommend you to check this movie out, it will have you laughing, and lift your hearts spirits. Maybe even make you cry but only just a bit. The events in this film are based of nonfictional occurrences. As well as a novel, written by Alan Bennet, which you can bet I will be checking out very soon.

Warm cups of tea, and too just a few more chapters.



7 thoughts on “The Lady in the Van – Movie Review

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I shall have to watch out for the DVD, as I missed this one in the cinema. I’ve seen quite a few Alan Bennet plays and they’re usually quite humorous, but I didn’t realise he’d also written an autobiography!

    1. It was very enjoyable. Hopefully, it will come out on dvd soon so you can watch. It is one that I will consider purchasing.

      1. Annette, what are some of your favorite plays by him? This was the first time I ever heard of him. I am very curious about his other works.

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