Friday Reads

#Fridayreads(7/3/15) – A Game of Thrones

Hey Bibliomaniacs,

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday, and are ready for the July 4th weekend. My Friday, was spent watching pixel movies, cleaning the house and taking naps. But, no Friday is complete without a #Fridayreads. This weekend I plan on trying to read at least 200 pages of “A Game of Thrones,” by George R.R. Martin. I have been really enjoying it so far. It is an extremely long book that I commiA Game of Thronestted myself too. But, on a positive note I am almost done. I have only 361 pages left to go and if you really think about that is normally what an average young adult book is.

I won’t set my hopes too high though. So, I will not say I’ll be finishing this, this weekend. I have a tendency of reading about 15 pages in a sitting, sometimes 50 at most. So, this book will definitely take a couple of sittings to read.

Also, the other day I started reading “Ms.Marvel” off of “Marvel Unlimited”. I have been enjoying it and I can’t wait to see what adventures Ms.20898019 Marvel will go on. One thing that I really like is that this comic book has a few Marvel characters introduced in it as part of the back story. The story is extremely fun to read and it also touches on culture diversity which I have been really enjoying reading about.

So, the final goal for the weekend is basically just getting through the end of “A Game of Thrones”. Hopefully, I will be able to make some progress in it. I would also like the next few issues of “Ms. Marvel” (3 through 5).

Let me know what you are all planning on reading this weekend in a comment down below.

Happy Reading!


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